tastitondi top10

Taking part on the first Universal Geneve Polerouter GTG in Paris last November, I had the opportunity to meet many enthusiastic watch collectors from all over the world. The knowledge, skills and ideas of these passionate collectors were incredible. This fantastic experience made me start this new column tastitondi top 10 (tt top10) here on my watch blog. 

I have elaborated an 10 (+2) questionnaire that I will send to selected first class collectors ( I know in person or from forums/IG) and ask them to be part of this series. We expect to get interesting insight views in some “true collector collections”.

The best: Each collector that is invited to answer the tt top10 is allowed to ask ONE truly passionate collector from his network to answer this questionnaire afterwards. The first ten questions are fixed, the two additional at the end can be modified/changed each time.

Already excited to see and learn about masterpieces from passionate watch collectors from all over the world and to benefit from their useful experiences. No celebrity talk, vintage watch enthusiasts only!