A flying saucer has landed!

Longines "disco volante"

The early “flying saucer” or in italian “disco volante” watches are mostly known from Omega and Audemars Piguet. Both big in size (Omega around 38mm, AP around 35mm) and very desireable. Here a pic from a Omega sold via Hodinkee and an AP auctioned at Phillips.

This 1938 Omega ‘Flying Saucer’ Reference CK2013
was sold on Hodinkee for $12,000
The Audemars Piguet ref. 5093 was auctioned at Phillips for CHF13,750 back in 2015.

So when I saw a blurry pic of a Longines “disco volante” for sale online, I didn´t think twice but bought it in a rush. No idea of the size and the condition of the movement. Might have been a super small ladies watch with a rotten movement, but who cares about these insignificant details.
So when the parcel arrived it turns out even better. The triple stepped case has a diameter around 33mm and is looking fantastic. The blued hands and the dial are all original too.

The watch is driven by a cal 10.68z decorated with geneva stripes.

The internal order number in the case back is 1924, the batch number 27.

So during service at my watchmaker I contacted Longines for an extract. The answer arrived pretty soon.

“The serial number 5’749’643 originally marked a stainless steel watch with the reference 4157. It is equipped with a mechanical hand-wound Longines movement, the caliber 10.68Z. It was invoiced on 23.5.1940 to the company Ewald Narath in Frankfurt a / M., then our agent for Germany.”

Asking here at OF about Longines “disco volante” two similar examples from @yako54 and @Modest_Proposal popped up. Both with order number 1957 and a slightly different case design.

As I couldn´t find any more material about the watch I decided to contact Mr. Goldberger. I asked him if he had further information about Longines “disco volante” and maybe some pics to share via Instagram. He came back very quick, but doesn´t have a Longines “disco volante” in his incredible collection or further information.
But he emphasized that these disco volantes are “very rare!”.
And I have to add that those flying saucers have “a superb watch design”!